Day For Night 2016 was held at the Barbara Jordan Post Office in the middle of Downtown Houston, attracting musical acts from all around the world on 4 stages and bringing art instillations that dazzle the mind.
The Environment of the interior gives an uneasy feeling, Certainly not of a Music & Arts Festival but not one of worry. The Festival brings new life into the once booming post office. No matter where you are, in every direction there is something happening that is sure to interest. The Art wasn’t just contained to indoors. Several installations were outside including Stream by Ezra Miller, An Entire wall of changing graphics that was sure to capture your attention. The biggest pull of the crowd was the Highly Anticipated Bjork Digital, A 5-room VR experience that had a line with a waiting time close to 4 hours. Everyone lucky enough to get in described it as Incredible. There was always something new to take in, No matter what time in the day you arrived on Campus, you couldn’t possibly take everything in, but there were plenty that tried.

Upstairs at the Barbara Jordan Post Office
Outlines by Tundra
Nonotak by Highline + Shiro
Axelrad by Jon Durst
Ezra Miller
Stream by Ezra Miller
Limb by Octa
Ghostbeast by Shoplifter
Bird Thing
Hybris by Robert Seidel
Bardo by Michael Fullman of VT Pro Designs
The Musical acts were as diverse as they get. From Trap Genius’ Run the Jewels, To Master of horror John Carpenter, There was really something here for everyone. You could tell by looking into the crowd that people came from all corners of, not just Houston, but around the world to participate. The Lineup schedule took you on a wild ride, RZA ft. Stone Mecca brought the funk, followed by Austin Legends Butthole Surfers and closing out was Houston’s own Travis Scott, performing in 20 degree weather with as much enthusiasm and showmanship as a summer day. The real stand out performances were brought by Thundercat who delivered the Funk as one of the first performances, And Blood Orange who had enough soul to share with everyone. Just A few feet away was a stage that was saved for mainly electronic music, the real stand-out performers were S U R V I V E, Fresh off of Scoring the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” and Bjork’s DJ set. The latter was met with Criticism because of an obstructed view (The Stage was COVERED In Trees and Ferns) and the lackluster light & Sound performance (It was a DJ set of Icelandic Yodels and pretty much music Bjork listened to.) There was something for everyone and attending the 2nd year ensured that We will be returning guests
Blood Orange
RZA ft. Stone Mecca
Travie II
Travis Scott
John Carpenter
John Carpenter
Thank you to the entire Day For Night team for making this possible!!