Do you have some empty plastic bottles laying around? Want to re-use them with a cool DIY project? Here are some badass ideas!
You’ll need some empty plastic bottles, foam, carboard and a fabric of your choice. Pretty bosslike, right?!

Bird Feeder
All you need for this DIY plastic bottle bird feeder is an empty plastic bottle, bird seed, wooden spoons and some string! After that, just kick back and relax while the birdies enjoy their snack.

Napkin Holders
These were made with empty containers from cleaning products. You can get extremely creative with them!

Shoe Organizer
Chop off the top of a large plastic bottle and you’ve just made yourself a container that can hold shoes. Attach a few together and you’ve created a bosslike shoe organizer the Gods would envy!

You can use plastic bottles to create planters for herbs.

Food Canisters
Store pasta, rice, spices, etc. in these storage containers made out of plastic bottles.

Snack Bowls
Cut off the bottoms of plastic bottles and turn them into snack bowls like a boss!

Stab some holes into the bottle with a nail and attach it to your hose with duct tape. Turn on the water and you’re done!

Now you know how to re-use empty plastic bottles. You’ll be able to recycle those things like a boss!