It’s beach season! Get your towels and bikinis ready, ladies & gentlemen. In this installment of bosslike DIY items, we’re sharing some excellent Do It Yourself swimsuits. Perfect to create for yourself as a woman or as a gift for a woman you know!
Our absolute favorite of the DIY swimsuit collection of 2014 is the beerkini, which combines a bikini and a beer bottle opener into one like a boss! Full instructions are here.

T-Shirt Bikini
Turn a t-shirt into a bikini! Who would’ve thought this is even possible?! Check out the bosslike video below for step by step instructions on how to create this magnificent masterpiece.

Legging Bikini
Leggings are very comfortable, so why not turn one into a comfortable and sexy bikini?! You can snatch up the instructions here.

Turn your existing bikini into a monokini. This can be advantageous as a custom solution, if you’re trying to cover specific stretchmarks or something else like a boss. We’re not saying you have to cover them (they’re a part of life), but we’re all for being more comfortable. Anyhow, step by step instructions on how to make a monokini are here.

Maternity Swimsuit
This bosslike maternity swimsuit can actually be converted back to a regular bikini, if you want! Doesn’t this blow your freakin’ mind?! Get the instructions here and good luck with your baby-having goals!

Scalloped Bikini Bottoms
This is how you scallop bikini bottoms. We had no idea this was even a thing, but it is, and it looks great! The full instruction on how to do this properly are here.

Now you know how to create some DIY swimsuits for this summer, or simply upgrade the ones you already have! We hope you enjoy your summer and get a chance to hit up some beaches.