With summer on its way, you might want to make some easy improvements to your backyard like a boss. Because we’re awesome and love to help, here are some mindblowing DIY projects to spice up your backyard in no time!
1. Outdoor Coffee Table

This outdoor coffee table made using a metal bucket is sturdy and cheap. It’ll improve your patio by giving you a place to put drinks and also to put your feet up! If you can figure out how to put an opening in the middle, you can even store stuff inside the bucket part like a boss.
You’ll need a big-ass metal bucket, some plywood, a few boards and something to stain or paint the wood to your liking. We’ll give you a quick idea of how to make it below:
– Cut 1/4 plywood in a circle to put on top of the bucket.
– Glue the boards (they used 2×6 boards for this particular one) on top of the plywood and cut them to match the plywood circle.
– Stain and/or paint the wood.
– Attach the table top to the bucket using liquid nails. Use outdoor caulk to seal where the table top attaches to the bucket. (In order to keep water out.)
2. Wood Pallet Outdoor Furniture
The possibilities are endless for this and wood pallets are generally way cheaper (or even free). Some examples are below. You’ll have to be somewhat handy to come up with a bosslike design and execute it, but even a relative DIY beginner should be able to make some type of furniture out of wood pallets.
Just some backyard furniture…

If you want to take it to full boss mode, this table with a built in beer cooler down the center is amazing! The instructions for it are here.

You can also use wood pallets to make walkways…

… or decks! Real women LOVE men with big decks. What?!

3. Fire Pit

This is absolutely perfect for those cool summer nights, when you just want to relax by a fire. Try not to faceplant into your bosslike fire pit when you’re hammered though.
4. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

These are fairly easy to make and look really awesome. You can pick up the full instructions here. (If you want a more poverty version, check here.) The citronella fuel to repel bugs is a boss idea!
5. Wood Patio Cooler

Turn an old cooler into an alpha patio cooler with some wood. Keep your drinks cold in style!
6. Fire Starter

Stuff a bunch of dryer lint into an empty toilet paper roll to create a free fire starter for your amazing new fire pit we showed you previously. Can you imagine how fast you’ll be burning wood in that bad mofo?! Just imagine it! Mind = blown, right?
7. Wasp Trap

Add vinegar, sugar and salt together in a container to attract wasps (but not bees). Say good night, sweet wasps. You won’t be stinging us this summer!
And with that… we wrap up this list of seven great DIY tips to improve your backyard life this summer. Enjoy your summer BBQs and share this with your friends and family like a boss!