Football season is here, fall is fast-approaching and tailgate season is kicking off as well! In case you aren’t aware of Merica’s true favorite pastime, a tailgate party is held around the open tailgate of a vehicle. It’s usually a truck, but it might be something else entirely!

You can participate, even if your car doesn’t have a tailgate. Don’t worry, tailgaters are generally too hammered to judge!

And of course there is great food at a good tailgate party. Delicious wings, spicy chili, satisfying burgers, southern BBQ and grilled hot dogs are common, but you can get creative and fancy if you wanna!

How about a refreshing beverage? It’s probably going to be beer, but maybe you’ll score some nice booze or even a glass of fine wine!

If you need some extra motivation to drink, play some drinking games. (Or just for fun, if you aren’t drinking.)

Don’t forget to bring a big-ass TV to watch the game on! It’s essential.

Enjoy tailgating season and drink responsibly, you bosses!