No child should have to die, but a brain tumor brought 11-year-old Liang Yaoyi’s life to an abrupt end. Before he died, he donated his organs to save several lives like a boss. His aspirations of becoming a doctor would not be fulfilled in his lifetime, so he also decided to donate his entire body to a medical university.

He felt this way he could still go to medical school and help other people, even after dying. As you can imagine, the doctors operating on Liang’s body to remove the organs for donation, which saved several lives, felt the utmost respect for the boy who died at such a young age.

The picture above is powerful beyond words. After the organs (namely his liver and kidneys) were removed for donation, the doctors bowed deeply for Liang Yaoyi to show their respect for the boy. In Chinese culture, the depth of the bow signifies the level of respect. A deep bow, as shown in the image, is a sign of great appreciation and honor. I.e. young children are expected to bow deeper for their elders.
As the doctors recognized what the boy had done for others and how selfless he had been at just 11 years old, his mother can also be seen in the picture covering her face as she cried. Altogether, this is an extremely moving image that we won’t soon forget. Thank you and rest in peace, Liang Yaoyi.