When you want to dress like a man instead of a boy, these tips will benefit you in becoming part of the group of gentlemen that are leaders in the world. What follows are ten tips on how to dress like a boss!
1. Make Sure Your Suit Fits and Looks Sharp

Every man will need to wear a suit at some point. Either in daily life or for special occasions. The video below gives you a quick primer on how to choose a suit that makes you look bosslike. Don’t be the guy on the right in the image above.

2. Wear Appropriate Shoes
Knowing a little bit about dress shoes to buy the right ones is a great idea. If you’re not buying a bunch of different ones, get a classic pair (i.e. plain black oxfords). Get the best quality you can afford. It will last longer and quality tends to mean better comfort.

Boss tip: The oxfords are more formal than the bluchers.

Brogues are the holed patterns on the shoes above. Basically, the more broguing the less formal the shoe is. For a formal event, you always want to go plain. If you need them for something casual, you can go for some broguing.
3. Choose Socks That Match
The easiest matching technique is to match the socks to your trousers. Once you become more comfortable with your style as a boss gentleman, you should feel free to choose less conservative socks to stand out. This can be done by matching them to your shoes and tie for example.
General guideline for socks: If you’re wearing a suit, wear knee high black dress socks. If you’re dressed more casual, you can experiment with some argyle socks. Jeans? Dark socks that match your denim and shoes. Going to the gym or for a run? This is when you wear sports socks. (And also the only time to wear running shoes.)
4. Wear Fitted Jeans Without Holes
If your jeans are baggy and have a bunch of holes, you’re probably best off tossing them in the trash. Jeans should be classic, simple and fitted.

5. Should You Wear Shorts?

When in doubt, the answer is generally no. This is especially true for formal events. For casual events, if shorts are appropriate for the temperature and location, you can probably go for them.
Some good examples where shorts may be appropriate would be for going to the beach, participating in sports and anything else purely for fun (and not business related).
For any business event, you should wear trousers.
Short length should generally be right around your knee cap when you’re standing. So 2 inches above or 1 inch below the knee cap is usually recommended.
6. Know How to Tie a Tie
Below is one example of how to do it for a thinner tie with a traditional pattern. There are various knots that are appropriate for different types of ties. There are many tutorial videos available on YouTube.
Boss tip: Make sure your tie matches your suit and/or dress shirt.
7. Roll Up Your Sleeves Like A Gentleman
Details like this matter and will show people around you that you know what you’re doing in general. Learn how to properly roll up the sleeves on a dress shirt. It will come in handy at events like summer weddings.

8. How to Choose and Fold Pocket Squares
The picture below shows you how to fold one. And choosing one is very simple. It should complement your suit, so going with white or an appropriate color is fine.

Boss tip: A less conservative pocket square draws attention to your chest as opposed to your stomach.
9. Rock a Sweet Pair of Shades
Sunglasses are appropriate in the summer. The video below briefly explains how to pick the right pair for you. Good luck, gentlemen. Your future is bright, so you should be wearing shades like a boss!

10. Know How to Do Laundry
Real men can take care of themselves and their clothes. This means knowing how to do laundry, regardless of your current laundry situation. It will come in handy at some point and you will avoid ruining your nice clothes. Below is a quick guide to laundry to get you started.

After how many wears should you wash clothes?
– After 1 wear: Underwear and shirts. Usually sweaters and sweatshirts as well. Definitely gym clothes.
– After 2-4 wears: Shorts and pants, except jeans. Pajamas as well.
– After 4-6 wears: Jeans.
– Once a week: Towels and bedsheets. Bedsheets can go two weeks as well, if you’re a man.
How to wash clothes?
– Read the label on your clothing for specific instructions.
– Sort your clothes into whites, lights and darks. Wash whites with warm water and colors with cold water.
– Use the ‘regular’ cycle for most of your clothes.
– Typical load sizes are 1/3 full = small, 1/2 full = medium, 3/4 full = large and almost full = extra-large.
– Powder detergents are cheaper but don’t dissolve as well in cold water. Liquid detergents dissolve better in cold water, but cost more. HE detergents are for high efficiency washers and are likely a waste of money, if you’re not using a high efficiency washer. You can usually get clean clothes from using half the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer regardless of the type you use.
– Use bleach with caution and never pour it directly onto clothing. You can usually get away with skipping it. Do research before you use bleach.
– Put clothes into the washer a few pieces at a time and leave some room for them to move around. This way they will be cleaned more effectively during the wash cycle.
How to dry clothes?
– Read the label. Not everything goes in the dryer. When in doubt or you don’t want something to shrink, don’t throw the item of clothing in the dryer and put it over a drying rack instead.
– When using the dryer: Clean out the lint screen, put clothes in a few pieces at a time, leave some room for the clothes to tumble properly, toss in a fabric softener sheet and use an appropriate drying temperature. The hotter the temperature, the more likely your clothes are to shrink.
And that wraps up our ten style tips for true bosses. Remember, gentlemen, always arrive in style like a boss. Always! Share this with every man you know.