77-year-old Sheila Marsh was a true animal lover and an altogether kind woman throughout her lifetime. The elderly woman was the proud owner of six horses, three dogs, three cats, and a variety of other animals.
Unfortunately, Sheila Mrash had to leave her beloved animals behind when she was in the hospital due to cancer and nearing death. A final visit from her dogs sparked one last wish from Mrs. Marsh: She wanted to see her favorite horse Bronwen one last time before passing away. She had previously taken care of the horse for the last 25 years and had formed a strong bond with it!
The logistics were a little difficult, because you can’t just walk a massive horse into a hospital room, but the amazing staff at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan, England made the seemingly impossible happen for the animal lover about to pass away. They brought the horse to her!
Sheila Marsh, at 77 years old and on the verge of crossing over to the other side, was wheeled out into the hospital parking lot in her bed to grant her wish of saying goodbye to her favorite horse Bronwen. Nurse Gail Taylor described the final meeting of the two friends, “Sheila gently called to Bronwen and the horse bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheek as they said their last goodbyes.”
Mrs. Marsh’s relatives present, as well as members of the hospital staff, shed more than a few tears that day as they witnessed the heartbreaking moment of a dying cancer patient saying a final farewell to her favorite horse. Mrs. Marsh’s daughter Tina summed it up nicely when she said, “It was very important for my mum. She was one of the most hard-working people that you could meet and she would do anything for anyone.”
RIP Sheila Marsh