Do It Yourself gifts are simply the best gifts. They come from the heart and the other person knows you took some time to create a DIY gift specifically for them. Today, we’re going to show you some DIY gift ideas that are easy to make! Most of them are really cheap too.
1. Sharpie Mug

The possibilities are endless, but what you’ll need are some oil-based Sharpie paint markers and a plain mug. Wash and dry the mug, then decorate it however you want. A really cool idea is to get some stickers shaped like letters, slap them on there for a monogram and draw around the stickers. Remove the stickers and you have a bosslike monogrammed sharpie mug!

2. Bath Bombs

Often called fizzies, anyone who takes baths would love these bath bombs and they’re very easy to make. The full instructions can be obtained here.
3. Candy Bouquet

If you’re making a DIY gift for a chubby funnster or someone who just loves candy and isn’t a Fatty McFatfat, an amazing candy bouquet is easy to make and can be extremely individualized.
4. Liquor Bouquet

The same concept as the candy bouquet, but for people who enjoy a drink or ten. The liquor bouquet, when done ‘right’, will get even the most seasoned alcoholic hammered drunk. Toss in some cigars, beef jerky and shot glasses to make this the perfect DIY ‘man gift’.
5. Gift Jar

Fill a jar with small items for a particular occasion, i.e. a get well jar, a spa jar, or a bridal shower jar. The possibilities are simply endless for this simple, yet brilliant, DIY gift idea.
6. Personalized Casserole Dish

Making a personalized casserole dish is pretty easy and looks completely badass. You can grab the full instructions here.
7. 3-Ingredient Body Butter

This body butter is made with just three ingredients: Coconut oil, honey and grapefruit (or other citrus) zest. Get the recipe here. It’s so bosslike, it can also be used as a lip balm or shaving cream!
8. Mason Jar Candles

These are fairly easy to make and perfect as a gift, for women especially. You can find out how to make it here.
9. Scrabble Tile Coasters

You can grab a pack of 100 Scrabble tiles from Amazon for around $5 to make some of these. They’re very easy to create and can be extremely personalized DIY gifts! You can get the instructions for these bad boys here.
10. Recipe Ring

Type out a bunch of excellent recipes, laminate them and attach them to a ring! Boom, you have a DIY recipe ring to give as a gift (or keep for yourself) like a boss. If you need specific instructions, pick them up here.
Now that you have some incredible DIY gift ideas, get to work like a boss!