If money was no object and our goal was to create the ultimate dream home, then the following ten items would definitely be on our “must haves” list.
1. Staircase Slide

We’ll start off with something truly practical. Why walk down the stairs when you can go down a slide instead?! Another great option would be a fireman’s pole, which could double as a stripper pole for your beautiful trophy spouse (hey, we’re not sexist) who loves to dance for you.
2. Wine Cellar Built Into Floor

Because a regular wine cellar just wouldn’t be boss enough. It definitely needs to be of this variety.
3. Home Theatre

Another must have item for any dream home, if you love great movies as much as we do at Like A Boss. The one pictured is nice, because it has a bar attached. This makes it easier to get hammered, while you watch episodes of The Wire on the most alpha TV screen ever made. Sheeeeeeeit.
We also came across some outdoor home movie theatres in our travels across the Intarwebs to find this sweet picture. Not bad either. Not bad at all.
4. Wade-In Indoor/Outdoor Pool with See-Through Balcony Portion
Basically a combination of the following three pools would be the best dream home pool ever. Add some waves, a basketball hoop and a bar… and you’re golden!

5. Hidden Room

There is something mysterious about having a hidden room, even if people know about it and you’re not secretly Batman or a serial killer.
6. Waterslide

It could go from your master bedroom closet to the wade-in indoor/outdoor balcony pool we listed at #4. Sliding into your pool first thing in the morning is how you start the day off right!
7. Fireplace Porch

This would be great for relaxing on a cool summer night, especially because our dream home would be right by the ocean with a nice breeze going.
8. Built-In Outdoor Grill

We can already smell the steaks sizzling! Our dream version would also include a charcoal grill and smoker of course. We like to think of ourselves as semi-pro outdoor chefs.
9. Shower with Multiple Heads

This way you’re getting hit from every angle. It makes showering both more efficient and also more enjoyable!
10. Bathtub with Fireplace

For a romantic evening with your exceptionally aesthetic trophy spouse.
Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive guide to our dream home, but it’s a good start!