A man cave can be a sanctuary for men to pass their free time in comforting surroundings like a bar, a big screen TV, a pool table, and an extremely comfortable couch. But don’t forget to make your man cave bosslike with the following items that are a little more unique than a sound system, TV set or pool table! Think of them as accessories on a grand scale for real men.
Man Cave Sign
You need to let people know that they’re entering your man cave. A place where the bro code reigns supreme and whiskey is always served straight.

Man Cave Hammock
Nothing says chill the f#%$ out like a pleasantly relaxing hammock. Do it up big like a true boss!

A Kegerator
It’s a refrigerator to keep a beer keg cool. You can buy one or build your own, but you need one to make your man cave bosslike. The one in the picture is actually a keezer (= freezer to keep kegs cold as ice).

A Man Cave Fridge
This will house the remaining beverages. Like bottled beers. You can have one with a glass door, so you can see what’s inside, or a Darth Vader fridge, but you do need a designated man cave refrigerator for sure! How about having a beer cave inside your man cave?!

Gun Lamps
Obviously you need wall lamps that look like guns in your epic man cave.

Beer Keg Bar Stools
Turn old beer kegs into bar stools. Why? Because beer.

Wine Barrel Dog Bed
If you have a cool dog that you allow to chill in your man cave (because he’s man’s best friend afterall), then he should be relaxing in style with a baller wine barrel dog bed! What dog doesn’t love aged oak?!

Beer Barrel Man Bed
Don’t want to let your dog have all the fun with his amazing wine barrel dog bed? Then you better make yourself a man bed out of a big ass beer barrel!

Beer Light Fixtures
Use empty beer bottles or kegs to make yourself some unique light fixtures for your bosslike man cave.

Giant Couch
Lounge in style with a massive couch big enough for Yao Ming to sit comfortably on.

Running Liquor
You might think you need running water in your man cave, but really it’s more important that you have a sink that dispenses liquor!

Throne Toilet
If you don’t think you need a toilet in your man cave that looks like a throne, you’re entitled to your opinion but you’re wrong.

Pile of Bacon
To put the finishing touch on a perfect man cave, you need a pile of bacon. It’s science.

There are many other additions that can make a man cave unique and individualized like a boss, but these are our favorites!