One day old Victoria had been abducted by a strange woman dressed as a nurse. She walked into the hospital room of Mélissa McMahon (the mother) in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, and wrapped the baby up in a blanket. She then calmly proceeded to exit the building and drive off with the newborn.

When the family found out the woman wasn’t a nurse and had just taken their baby, they posted about it on Facebook. Four of their FB friends immediately began looking for cars that matched the description of the abductor’s vehicle. When they found a match, they informed police and the woman was arrested.

The baby has now been returned to the family thanks to the help of their four heroic Facebook friends. In a post where she also thanked the saviors, the mother wrote, “Yesterday we experienced the worst time of our lives. It was a feeling that nobody should have to live through. The helplessness in this situation was difficult to accept.”
To the four FB friends: You are true bosses and we thank you for being so damn awesome!