Not everyone can go on a summer vacation, usually due to time constraints or simply because they can’t afford it. But don’t worry, someone on the Internet has come up with a workaround. Apparently a lot of people still want to seem like they’re going on a trip this summer regardless of not being able to.
Maybe it gives them bragging rights with their friends or they just want to live in an imaginary fantasy land where they’re able to see the world. Whatever the case may be, fakecationing is a thing now and so is #Facay. Deal with it and enjoy the hilarity it offers on social sites like Instagram and Facebook.
Below are some great examples of fakecationing we came across. It’s all about snapping a picture of yourself in front of a background that looks like the place where you actually want to be. Hopefully these people enjoyed their fakecation, because we truly enjoyed their pics!

Hahaha @ people faking legs with their fingers.

Ah, NYC. Or maybe it’s just a TV.

Exotic animals like a friendly giraffe may be on your fakecation “to do” list.

See the world… or not.

If you go on an actual trip this summer like a boss, have fun! Fakecationing is always an option, if you aren’t so lucky.