By now, hopefully we’re all aware that — generally speaking — firemen are some of the most bosslike heroes out there and we should all praise them for extinguishing fires at will and saving lives.
When this fireman named¬†Justin Deierling isn’t putting out fires like it’s nothing (and probably rescuing cats from trees and helping old ladies cross the street), he’s proposing to his girlfriend in epic fashion to really sweep the woman he loves off her feet.
His girlfriend Megan is a school teacher, so naturally he set up a massive scene at the school where she works. All the kids she teaches were there to witness a badass fireman’s proposal and the subsequent engagement of two people who truly love each other. All complete with a fire truck and Justin rocking his firefighter gear like a boss!
He posted some pictures from the proposal on Flickr and included this nice message with them! “Megan has changed my life in the best way. I wanted to do something super special for her. We met on this date 6 months ago while I was volunteering for my FD passing out water to the students participating in a walkathon. I instantly knew she was someone special. I knew how much she loves her job and the kids at Greentown and wanted to include them as well as the place we met. I thought what better to do this than a fire drill. It was a great successes. All the kids got rings too (ring pops) afterwards. Such a great day!!”
We at Like A Boss wish the  young couple many happy years together after a beautiful wedding!