Surviving in the wild probably isn’t a top priority for most people reading this, but a basic level of fitness should be something every person masters and maintains as long as possible throughout their life.
Here are some benchmarks for men to achieve. If you can do all of these things, you’re pretty bosslike and ready to survive the wilderness from a fitness perspective.
1. Swim Far Enough to Escape Danger
Let’s say you get tossed overboard while riding around the lake on your boss yacht. Are you able to swim to shore?!

The swimming benchmark: Be able to swim half a mile or more!
2. Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can!
We don’t expect you to be able to outrun Usain Bolt (although that would be the epitome of being a boss), but you should be able to run to safety.

The running benchmark: Be able to run 200 yards at full speed.
3. Jump Like Michael
Do we really expect you to hop in the air and dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan in his prime? Maybe, but probably not. Our jumping expectations for you are much more reasonable and applicable in the wild to hurdle over obstacles.

The jumping benchmark: Be able to jump over something slightly higher than your waist, while running.
4. Chin Ups
You should be able to do a reasonable amount of body weight chin ups. If you need to climb a tree to escape a vicious beast, this could easily come in handy! It’s a good display of back strength and also strengthens your arms (namely the biceps).

The chin up benchmark: Be able to do 10 full chin ups, preferably 15-20 to be a true boss.
5. Push Ups
While chin ups engage your upper body pulling muscles (i.e. upper back, lats and biceps), push ups strengthen your push muscles (i.e. chest, shoulders and triceps). Pushing things away from you comes in handy for obvious reasons during a fight for survival.
For example, you might come across a brown bear trying to beat you up. Push that bastard so hard he flies to the moon!

The push up benchmark: Be able to do at least 25 push ups, preferably 50 or more to reach boss mode!
These are general benchmarks for basic fitness to get on your way to becoming a boss at survival. If you can’t meet these standards, get to work! If you fulfil all the requirements, congratulations! Maintain at least that level of fitness for the rest of your life.