Check out these five wild and crazy ways to remove a child’s loose tooth. We’re not sure any of these would be dentist-approved (we’re actually fairly certain they would NOT be), but they’re still bosslike and amusing to watch.
Baseball Bat
This family decided to use a baseball bat to remove the daughter’s loose tooth, but not in the way you might be thinking. They tied a piece of dental floss around a baseball and attached the other end to her loose tooth. Then the proud, home-run-hitting son knocked the baseball out of the park along with the little girl’s tooth!

We promised drones and here they are. Drones are so versatile, they can even remove loose teeth!

This kid, while under the supervision of his crazy father, tied a rocket to his loose tooth and fired it into oblivion. We’re betting mom wasn’t home.

Bow & Arrow
Go old school with it like Robin Hood. Just tie some dental floss to an arrow and attach the other end to the child’s loose tooth. Have them shoot the arrow with a sweet bow and BAM! That tooth is out!

This boy’s sister used a mini bike to rip his loose tooth out. Ouch!

With these technological advances in home-dentistry and the loose tooth removal process, the Tooth Fairy will be working overtime!