It’s estimated that $165 billion worth of perfectly good (edible) food is thrown away each year. To make a point that you could literally live off of dumpster food, environmental activist Rob Greenfield decided to eat exclusively dumpster food for an entire month. You’ll be shocked by the things he found people had tossed out as garbage.
Check out the pictures below to have a full look at what people are throwing away, while 50 million Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from! Maybe this food isn’t appealing enough to be sold at full price, but why aren’t we feeding less fortunate people with it instead of throwing it in the garbage? Why does this food have to end up in a dumpster instead of a hungry person’s stomach?!

If you think it’s wrong to throw away food like this, hit up Twitter and tweet your local supermarkets with the hashtag #DonateNotDump. Let them know that they’re protected by the Good Samaritan Food Act and can donate the edible food they aren’t able to sell at full price and would otherwise throw into dumpsters like the ones in the pictures above. Let’s spread the word and feed some people who can’t afford food!