Fortress festival returns for a second go-round after an amazing first year, this time, learning from experience and flexing to show festival goers everything they have to offer.

Taking place off 7th and University once more, this years fest promises alternating sets for the Two stages, giving fans a chance to see every minute of all the acts and not forcing them to compromise. The two stages are placed at the Modern Art Museum, the stage floating outside on the lake, Wildcatters Network Stage, giving the attendees a unique area to sit, and in front of the Will Rodgers respectively. Surrounding the CG Northern stage is the food trucks and a variety of vendors that sell one of a kind merchandise and posters made for specific acts present.
The Modern will be open with Normal Museum Hours during both Days of the Festival. The price of admission is included in the festival ticket.
With a hard to beat lineup from last year (Run the Jewels, Purity Ring, Slowdive) this year offers a different variety, with the same take on different genres, different days.
Saturday brings Alabama’s Waxahachee as well as New Orleans’ Hurray for the Riff Raff, both on tour together, to bring some folk/indie to the party. Waxahachee is touring for Out of the storm which was released last year. Silky melodies and good times are too be had from both, in addition is Julian Casablancas new band The Voidz, Originally from the Strokes, Casablancas new band is in support for their new LP Virtue, mixing all sorts of different sounds into what most people describe as Chill city. Grammy Nominated Rapsody also makes an appearance with hits galore. Criminally underrated Chicano Batman will surely be the underdogs, a mix of Tejano Funk with a seasoning of Offbeat rock will be one act, that listeners who are unaware, will surely not want to miss. Heading in from Staten Island is mastermind behind Wu-Tang Clan Rza accompanied by Stone Mecca transforming Hip Hop with Funk for an all out funky time. They both took the stage in Houston at 2016’s Day for Night to a wild crowd. Headlining Saturday is hip hop royalty De La Soul and Electro Duo Chromeo. 
 Sunday takes it in a different direction with Headliners Father John Misty & Courtney Burnett on the first stop of her (Already nearly Sold Out) Tour in support of a new album out in May.  FJM rides in on some remaining Tour dates for his Grammy Nominated “Pure Comedy” in what will be a show to remember in front of the Will Rodgers Arena. Local Acts Ronnie Heart Pearl Earl open the day, Ronnie led the Fortress Yoga Class that happened a few weeks ago at Indigo Yoga. Lee Fields and the Expressionists bring some VERY long overdue Soul and Tune-yards present songs off their new album and hope to wow crowds with Loop pedals and a wild show.
Half the reason to do anything is for the food, and this year has amazing options. Locals Salsa Limon, Avoca Coffee bring they’re operation to the fest with the return of Sharma Point. Doom street eats from Chicago will be present. Rollin n Bowlin brings some healthy and refreshing options to the fold. Barbecuers Mikelthwaith Craft Meats from Austin are serving up delicious cuts straight off the smoker and Papa Luke’s Gravy Balls will surprise Attendees with their “Gravy Balls” don’t eat beforehand, because there will be more than enough to eat at this festival.
Tickets are on sale now. Vip & 2-day passes will be available at the door the day of the Festival.
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