New Fortress suh
Fortress Festival was a Major Key for anyone living in Ft. Worth. The Festival took place in the heart of Ft. Worth, Centered in front of the Will Rodgers center and the Modern just down the street. A different take on a multiple stage festival, instead of being on the same grounds, goers had to actually leaving the building every time and walk down a street still open to the public, which brought you back into reality when traveling between stages. If the first year of this festival is any indication of what the future holds, Fortress stands to be North Texas’ New Kick off to Summer.
Day 1
The day before Kick-off, Attendees were frightened of Oncoming storms threatening to push-back the festival. When the day came, no rain followed and the fun commenced.
The Modern
Will Rodgers Center & Vendor Area
Food Trucks & Main Stage Grounds
The Main Stage area included various Food Trucks and Vendors, including Pan Ector Industies, Screenprinting Shirts upon order. The Modern was an excellent Backdrop for another Stage, The Architecture really gave it such a feel that no other stage has ever come close to. A Stage actually floating on Water was something I needed to see for myself and it did not Disappoint.
S U R V I V E at the Modern Stage
Survive Was the real show of Day One, Different Colors and Fog were used that put a performance that won’t be forgotten.
Run The Jewels at the Main Stage
Run The Jewels is a powerhouse, Even if Rain were to come, you could probably bet they would still be on Stage. The Energy from the crowd was great and both the headliners gave the guests what they came for.
Day 2
Day 2 Kicked off without a Cloud in the sky and a bright day was welcome after an overcast start. Whitney took the stage and was one show for the books. The Chill vibes with the cold air was a true experience. One the entire festival will be sure to put at the front of the
Whitney at The Modern Stage
5 4
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
68 7
11 9 12
Purity Ring
THIS is the festival DFW will come to always keep track of. The good people at Margin Walker and Fortress Presents Curated something magical and Overcame huge obstacles, such as rain in the horizon, with Muster and got everything going to a good place. 10/10 Would Fest Again.