Grant Achatz is the top Chef in the United States, battled and survived cancer, and even wrote a book about his fight against the deadly disease. For the release party of his book, his business partner Nick decided to get some people together to find Grant’s long lost 1970 GTO.

The GTO was his first car ever back in 1990, at the young age of 16. His dad purchased the vehicle for him and they restored it together. What it looked like after the two were done with it can be seen below.

Over the years, he ended up selling it, but a man’s first car always has a special place in his heart. Nick knew Grant missed that 1970 GTO, so he decided to find it and have it restored. The process took 61 days and you can see all the stuff that was done in the photos below.
They began by stripping the car down completely and baking it, literally. They put the entire car in a massive oven and baked it for an hour at 800 degrees. Then it was slowly brought back down to room temperature. The result is “pure virgin metal” as they put it!

Once the car was done baking, the hard-working gentlemen began their project. It took them about a month to get rid of all the rust and finish up all the needed body work. Below you can see the result of a month of hard work. These guys worked at night only, because they all have regular day jobs! The car got a new top and all the smaller parts were sand blasted, prepped and powder coated. Then put back together.

After some reworking, the engine got a little 100HP boost to 385HP, which will have Grant flying down the block like a boss!

Here are the pics from the reveal of the restored 1970 GTO that Grant would receive as a special book release gift from his business partner Nick.

Also some great snapshots from when Grant first saw his GTO again after 20+ years. It was his first car when he was 16 and now it’s finally back in his possession. Better than ever!