Living with roommates is an amazing experience. Sometimes it’s a ton of fun and amazing, but it can also be a pain in the ass at times. The pictures below truly illustrate the hilarity that is living with a roommate and why you might want to stop having a roomie past a certain age (or not).
In this magnificent photo collection, together we’ll explore the ups and downs of a roommate-having lifestyle and why we should embrace it at times, but maybe completely avoid it too! It’s a tough decision that needs to be made based on how good or terribly awful your roommates end up being.
I’m Batman
Finding your roommate on top of the fridge dressed like Batman is probably acceptable in college, as long as he didn’t drink your beer.

Poverty Theatre Seating
This could be a fun project together with your roomie or just a complete nightmare, if said roomie didn’t even ask you before conducting such an experiment. Let’s be honest though… who doesn’t want theatre seating this redneck?!

The Spider Warning
A thoughtful roomie will tell you all about the nasty bugs in your popcorn. A terrible one will put extra spiders in your food and make you aware of this fact AFTER you’ve finished eating.

Bee Allergy
Form a deeper bond with your roommate by helping them discard of insects that might prove deadly to them. If you find a roomie willing to do this (as opposed to one that will throw a beehive in your bedroom once he finds out you’re allergic), you have a keeper (pun intended).

Witty Pervert
Sometimes you might end up living with the wittiest pervert of them all. In this scenario, it’s likely the best choice to move out in a timely manner.

The Note
I could go either way on this, depending on how we interpret that punctuation. Either Johnny Boy just got called a bitch or he’s better than his ex, who is a bitch. What do you think? Either way, there will be smoking involved from what I’ve gathered.

The Cups And Other Pranks
Once you get to know your roomie a little bit, it might turn out that he or she was born to be the greatest prankster who ever lived. Imagine coming home to any of the following gifts you never knew you wanted.

Angry Note
In your roommate-having life, you will usually encounter three types of notes. The genuinely nice note that is helpful and uplifting, the passive-aggressive note that you can just interpret to mean something nice (although it doesn’t)… and of course the angry note, which likely includes a death threat of some sort. It may be your death or the death of a hypothetical puppy you may own in the future.

Doing The Dishes And Other Household Chores
The struggle is real, when your roommate is a lazy piece of fecal matter and your place is starting to smell like it because no one except you cleans anything. If this problem persists after a few talks, then it’s time to move out before your apartment turns into a health hazard.

Colleen Is Respectful
Andrew is a lucky guy to have a great roomie like Colleen, who is thoughtful enough to give him cash when she drinks his liquor.

Community Whiteboard
If you’re smart, you’ll set up a community whiteboard in the kitchen for people to leave notes like these gems on.

The Mouse Trap
What’s more disturbing? That these people have mice or that someone thought people need to be warned not to touch an armed mouse trap?