This guy Gavin Falconer is 84 years old and lucky as hell! His nickname is Scotty. Why is his nickname Scotty? We have no idea, but that’s not what this story is about at all.

So Gavin Falconer, 84yo badass who is inexplicably nicknamed Scotty, was cruising down some road in Kennebunk, Maine, speeding like a mofo because he’s got a “heavy foot”, when a police officer named Matthew Harrington noticed that Scotty was just using the speed limit as a very rough guideline.

Needless to say, the cop decided to pull over Mr. Falconer for speeding. After Scotty handed the officer his license and registration like a good citizen, he slumped over the wheel and was having a heart attack.
Luckily, the cop was also an undercover superhero and sprung into action like a boss. Scotty wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, so the police officer performed CPR on the unconscious 84-year-old. That, combined with a good zap from a defibrillator, brought the 84yo Scotty back from the dead.

Scotty’s only complaints were that the police officer ripped his shirt while pulling him out of the car to perform CPR and that he felt like he had been in a bar brawl upon waking up in the hospital after the ordeal. Hah!

Scotty’s wife, family and friends are very grateful to Officer Harrington for saving Mr. Falconer’s life. He is a hero and a boss.