As soon as Kyle got engaged and all the arrangements were final, there was no doubt about who the best man was going to be. Like almost all twins in the world, Kyle and his brother Korey are virtually inseparable. There is another element that makes their relationship different than most others and holds them together like white on rice. Because of the physical restrictions Korey has endured as a result of dealing with Cerebral Palsy, Kyle has always been there to help his brother around. During the wedding it came time for Korey to deliver the toast, a video played instead. Little did they know that Korey is every bit the joker he seems to be. Let the fun begin!
Kyle and Korey, brothers in arms.
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The two were always by each other’s side.
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With his brother around, Korey never had any problems standing up.
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Kyle would always make sure that Korey and him did everything together!
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Korey prepping for his epic best man speech.
Reading the speech his brother wrote for him.
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Here is a little preview of what Kyle was getting himself into.
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The speech starts at 2:45, but do yourself a huge favor and watch it from the beginning. Trust me you won’t regret it.

What are some cool things you would do if you had a twin brother?