To celebrate Father’s Day, we thought we’d share some awesome dad pictures that will make you laugh your ass off or weep like a little girly girl.
Vacation Dads
Dads on vacation are always down to do something crazy in front of the camera, as is evidenced by these amazing holiday trip pictures of dads being dads. The poses and props are so dadlike!

Dad Hunting
This is how dads in the past used to put dinner on the table, but today it’s mostly done for sport (while the meat is still generally consumed) and crazy dad pictures!

Scary Dad
This crazy dad coming out of the ocean like a sea monster really did a number on his daughter.

Shaving with Dad
One of the perks of being a young boy with a cool dad is that you get to shave your non-existent facial hair like a boss.

Motorcycle Dad
You two should be wearing helmets!

Valentine’s Day with Dad
The most special girl in the world to him is also his Valentine.

Grilling with Dad
Pass me a burger, but try not to melt your shoes in the process!

Dad and Son with Matching Vehicles
Smooth move getting your son a badass ride, you boss dads!

Prom Dad
He is just protecting his daughter. The face on the kid is priceless!

Happy Father’s Day, gentlemen! We know you probably don’t care and think this holiday is a joke, but we hope you have a fantastic day regardless.