Born on October 17th, 1989, retired Marine Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter is a real American hero in every sense of the word. The promo video above is pretty sweet, right?
In 2010, Carpenter was in the Marjah district of Afghanistan, which was a Taliban stronghold. You could say him and his buddies were in the shit! And then it happened: The enemy launched a grenade at them. To protect his fellow Marines, Carpenter dove onto the grenade to shield his brothers from the blast with his body. He was prepared to sacrifice his life to save his fellow Marines like a boss.
He remembers nothing about what happened right after the explosion, but he does know he felt like he was dying. It’s pretty accurate, because he was on the verge of death for sure! Blood oozed out of the many holes in his body created by shrapnel from the grenade.
Carpenter lost his right eye and most of his teeth, as his right jaw had been blown off by the explosion. His right arm was broken in more places than the doctors were even able to count, among other terrible injuries he suffered from the blast.
Voices, which seemed like they were very far away, pleaded with him to “fight” and “hang on”. The voices were his fellow Marines hoping this hero would make it! And he did.
For his actions in combat, this retired Marine hero will receive the highest distinction given out by the United States military: The Medal of Honor. It is awared to soldiers for valor far and beyond the call of duty during combat.
Thank you for serving your country and protecting your fellow Marines, William Kyle Carpenter. You are a hero and a boss!
We’ll leave you with this bosslike quote from the hero himself: “I don’t think I’d ever thought about what I would do in that situation. don’t think there is any way to know until you’re faced with it. But I did what I was trained to do, and that is protect my fellow Marines at all costs.”