Mark Bustos is an extremely accomplished hairstylist in New York City. He works in an affluent part of town at a high-end hair salon, but we’re not here to write about the wealthy people Bustos cuts and styles hair for Monday through Saturday.
Nah, this is about what this amazing stylist does every Sunday on his only day off. He goes out into the streets of NYC and finds homeless people in need of a haircut. He always tells them, “I want to do something nice for you today.” Then he gives them an upscale haircut free of charge and usually also provides a meal for them.

He does this in the open for everyone to see in hopes of inspiring other people to make the world a better place by performing selfless deeds. If you have the chance to help the less fortunate, you should take it. Not only will you improve the lives of others by doing this, but it will also make your own heart shine brighter!
Bustos provides up to six free haircuts for homeless people every Sunday in NYC. This is his way of giving back and directly impacting the happiness of homeless people that live in his city. A small gesture like this can go a very long way for a person that’s clearly struggling.

In 2012, the selfless hairstylist traveled to the Philippines to visit family and this is where he started to give free haircuts to the less fortunate. He rented a barber chair from a local barbershop and began giving to underprivileged children.

The 30-year-old has also provided free haircuts to less fortunate people in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Los Angeles. He’s been around the world to give people free haircuts and now continues to do so while he’s based in NYC and working at a high-end salon like a boss. Thank you, Mark Bustos!

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