As part of the Rethink Homelessness project, homeless people in Orlando, Florida, USA were asked to write something about themselves onto cardboard and hold it up. The results were bosslike as you can see.

It may surprise you that a homeless man can speak four languages!

How heartbreaking is it that she escaped domestic violence with her son and ended up homeless?

This person is homeless despite having a job.

He built robots like a boss. We want a robot…

Some people have lost it all due to various reasons, but are now starting over and are still homeless. Let’s not judge them so quickly.

Some of the cardboard messages make you wonder what happened.

This guy is dealing with a disease that may have led to him being homeless.

Struggling with cancer may lead you down a path that ends in homelessness.

She is homeless, but her kids aren’t. Maybe they will have a better life now.

Next time you walk past a homeless person, make sure you realize they are a human being and deserve respect just like anyone else. You never know what people have been through to end up without a home.
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