The following ten manly skills will make you better able to deal with adversity and to enjoy nature to the fullest. Knowing these skills will make you more confident and competent and help turn you into a leader like a boss.
1. Escape Zip Ties
Because you may find yourself in a terrible situation (i.e. a home invasion), during which you happen to be restrained with zip ties. Being able to escape zip ties like MacGyver could save your life and the lives of loved ones. With three ways to escape zip ties, you’ll be prepared if something horrible like this ever happens to you!

2. How to Jump Start a Car
If you don’t know how to do this as a man, you are bound to feel humiliated at some point in your life (unless you don’t drive a car). Know how to do this. For the love of all that is holy to you, know how to jump start a car!

3. How to Throw a Punch Like A Boss
Back to the scenario with the zip tie burglary: Once you escape the zip tie restraint, you’ll need to know how to knock some haters OUT. Here is a quick guide to help you throw a solid punch. Go practice on some elderly women. (Not serious!) But seriously, you should join a boxing or martial arts class, if you don’t know how to fight. It’s a very important manly skill to be able to defend yourself and others.

4. Escape a Sinking Car
Maybe you lose control over your car and somehow end up in a lake or you’re in a cab and the taxi driver is completely nuts and drives off a bridge into some water. Either way, knowing how to escape a sinking car is a pretty good skill to have as a man!

5. Walk Like a Ninja
Whether you need to take out your worst enemy with the powerful punch we showed you at #3 or you just want to be a sneaky fatty stealing cookies from people’s desks at work, we’ve got you covered with this tutorial on how to walk like a ninja! Activate stealth mode and get to sneaking around like a boss ninja.

6. How to Make a Rope Swing
Perfect for a fun day at the lake! Knowing how to make a rope swing that won’t injure or kill anyone who uses it is an awesome manly skill to have!

7. How to Skip a Stone
If you don’t know how to do this, you are not ready to be a father. Plus this is a great skill to have while you relax at the lake. Pound a few beers and skip some stones like a boss!

8. Bear Attack Survival
If you’re out in the wilderness hunting or camping, you might come across a bear. You’ll notice there is a big difference on how to handle a Grizzly vs a black bear. The black bear defense seems a lot more fun! I mean… you get to fight a bear!

9. How to Shuffle a Deck of Cards
We’re not suggesting you get addicted to poker or any sort of gambling, but knowing how to shuffle a deck of cards properly can be useful for any man.

10. Kick Down a Door
There are a multitude of situations that would require that you be able to kick down a door. One situation may be a fire. If someone you love is locked inside their room while your house is burning to the ground, you should probably be able to break down a door and rescue them. We can’t think of many things more bosslike than bashing down a door with brute leg strength applied intelligently.

Share this post with every man you know (unless you want to keep him in the dark while you gain superiority). Good luck out there, gentlemen. Be bosslike and competent.