Confidence is when you feel or believe you can succeed at a given task. While you may be confident in some parts of your life naturally, you may have to use some tricks to boost your confidence in order to at least appear confident in a given situation that makes you nervous.
For a lot of people, a lack of natural confidence may become an issue at job interviews or when dealing with their bosses. Essentially these tips will help you deal with your boss like a boss!
1. Eye Contact

Making firm eye contact with the person you are speaking to exudes confidence in such a bosslike fashion, people will genuinely believe you are extremely confident and in control.
Eye contact can be a powerful apparatus to build trust, because it aids you in letting the other person know that you have nothing to hide. You will be perceived as confident in most situations with just this one trick, but of course we have more! We don’t half-ass these things.
Boss tip: If you’re very shy and have trouble making direct eye contact, start off by faking it! How? Just look inbetween the other person’s eyes instead. They won’t be able to tell the difference and will assume you’re looking them in the eyes!
2. Chew Gum

Just check out the lady in the picture! Look at how confident she looks. Just look at her. Look at her! Wow, she’s so confident, she’s just chillin’ and blowin’ bubbles with her gum like a boss. Are you admiring her aesthetic facial structure and her ability to blow bubbles with her gum with such confidence? We sure are!
On a serious note: If you have trouble with anxiety, it basically puts your body into ‘fight or flight’ mode and this won’t help things, especially when you’re trying to create an environment where you can be confident.
A neat little trick to counter this is to chew gum. This signals to your body that you’re currently eating and there is no way you’d be eating if there was some sort of danger to be worried about, so your body calms down like a boss and you can chill out.
Your brain will be like, “Oh, nothing to worry about here, man!” And then it’ll ship some soothing chemicals out to the rest of your body and calm you down. Now you’re less stressed and way more able to be confident!
Bonus: The gum will help you avoid dry mouth!
3. Deep Breathing

Breathe with controlled, deep, and slow breaths. Rushed breathing will make you and the people around you nervous, so you want to slow that crap down! Just chill, like you’re in a field somewhere doing yoga.
Look into diaphgragmatic breathing, if you want to get really alpha with the way you breathe. This will also come in handy for sports and help deliver a healthy amount of oxygen to your brain.
4. Lower Your Voice

Darth Vader has such a calming voice thanks to his sweet helmet.
Lower vocal tones command authority and that’s exactly what you want to achieve when you’re attempting to create a situation you can be confident in.
Boss tip: After you have your breathing under control, it will be much easier to control the pitch of your voice.
5. Posture

While there are stretches and various other forms of exercise to correct poor posture, a few quick fixes would be to make sure your shoulders are back, your chest is out, your back is straight and your chin is raised a little bit. That alone should give you a pretty good confidence boost. You’ll make a better first impression on people you meet and also feel better overall with good posture. The mind and body are not as disconnected as most people seem to think.
Now that you know a few tricks to improve your confidence level in a tough situation, make sure you remember these things and practice the bosslike skills we have provided you with here. Next time you have a job interview or something else that may make you nervous, these genius tips will be very beneficial.
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