Maybe you went through a phase in your life where you smoked a lot of crack and decided to get an atrocious tattoo inked into your once dazzling skin. Or maybe you just made a terrible decision without drugs, when you decided to let someone jab some depressing ‘art’ into your epidermis.
Not to worry, because some tattoo artists are talented enough to replace that dreadful piece of ink with something better! A tattoo that actually looks like you may have wanted it on your skin for the rest of your life.
We’ll start with the following tattoo. This guy loves to party and got “PARTY DOG” inked onto his upper arm, along with what looks like a pre-schooler’s drawing of a dog. The upgraded version of his party dog tattoo looks way better!

Another upgraded tattoo. The previous one was so blurry and faded, it looked like he put on one of those temporary tattoos and just forgot to wash himself for a few days. Now he has a very nice piece of ink art on his skin instead.

One of the shittiest portrait tattoos ever definitely was in dire need of a makeover as you can see. Most people can’t even draw faces that don’t look like a pile of doodoo on paper, so tattooing a face onto someone’s skin is extremely difficult to put it mildly. The original tattoo ‘artist’ failed miserably as you can see, but luckily a more capable one was able to fix it!

We’re not sure WTF this was supposed to be before, but a dinosaur wearing a hat and reading a book is definitely a better alternative, especially because it’s beautifully done!

A seemingly random assortment of shockingly unpleasant tattoos can sometimes be covered up and made to look marvelous.

Diamonds are forever, but ghastly tattoos and dudes named Isaac don’t have to be.

Jesus Christ may have lived a simple life, but that doesn’t mean you have to get a poverty tattoo, when you decide to get one of him. The new one certainly looks far more heavenly.

Spider-Man would be proud of this upgraded spider tattoo.

I guess things didn’t go as well with Justin as she thought they would. The bird is the word!

The before tattoo on this one wasn’t even completely awful, but the new one is just bosslike enough to make it look bad.

I changed my mind, I don’t like spiders anymore. Put a sweet tattoo of Batman there instead!

I guess she isn’t a Nazi afterall…

Because… Darth Vader!

And some more excellent tattoo cover up ideas to inspire those of you with a less than ideal tattoo situation going on.

Of course, your other option is always tattoo removal, but that takes forever, can be very painful and definitely costs more than just covering it up.