In Oregon, there is a man named Bruce Campbell who decided to go into full boss mode about 15 years ago. He picked up a Boeing 727 from a scrapyard, disassembled it, brought it somewhere into the woods in Oregon and put it back together!

He has spent the last 15 years living in the plane and also working on it to make it livable with many sweet upgrades (i.e. getting the bathroom working again). It’s a slow, deliberate process to turn this plane into a masterpiece home, but Bruce loves doing it.

He left the cockpit and a few other features intact – even restoring a few elements of the cockpit – so you still get that “plane feel” when you go to visit this boss. It makes you feel like this thing might still be capable of flying, even though it’s in the middle of a forest without any room to take off.

The most bosslike feature of the plane home might be its transparent floors! Bruce tore out the original flooring and replaced it with translucent panels, so you can check out the inner workings of the plane. Pretty cool to say the least!

If you’re ever in the woods somewhere in Oregon and stumble upon a Boeing 727 while wandering around, it’s most likely Bruce’s crib! Go tell him hello from us like a boss.