Lots of companies invest millions every year into marketing their products and seem to overlook one very simple way to accomplish a goal they’re after: Make the product itself stand out!
What would be the easiest way to make your product stand out on the shelf (probably right next to other products that are virtually identical to your product in a lot of cases)? Package it in a clever manner of course! And that’s just what the companies responsible for the following ten items did.
Prepare to have your mind blown by the brilliantly inventive packaging you are about to witness.
1. Dog Treats
These treats help keep dogs’ teeth clean and white. The packaging is absolutely perfect to illustrate this point! Now your dog will have strong teeth to maul annoying children around the neighborhood. (Not serious.)

2. Bread Hat
The top of the bread is this little guy’s hat! Boom. What a deliciously nutritious hat he has. (We hope that bread is fresh or it’s gonna be dryer than a desert! Enjoy your crouton sandwich.)

3. Mustache Paint Brushes
I mustache you a question: Would you buy these paint brushes that look like they’re mustaches for cartoon faces or some paint brushes packaged all boring-like and dull? Exactly!

4. Truck Matches
They used a box of matches to show that their new truck has an extendable cargo bed. You could call it a fire truck. Hurr hurr hurr.

5. Butter with Knife
Why wouldn’t you buy your butter with a butterknife top?

6. Juice Boxes
These juice boxes resemble fruits. What kid wouldn’t love these?! Heck, we’d love these (and we probably aren’t even kids).

7. Music Note Headphones
Headphones wrapped up to look like music notes. You’ll be blasting some great tunes with them, so they should arrive in style like this. (Or maybe you’ll listen to crazy death metal that will rot your brain in the name of Satan. The kind that makes your virgin ears bleed at the sound of hell demons massacring the innocent. This is in parentheses because it’s completely absurd and you shouldn’t be reading it.)

8. Flavored Vodka
Deliciously flavored vodka (if you’re into that sort of thing) wrapped up to look like the fruits it’s infused with. It’s kind of like those juice boxes at #6, but for adults. And you can unwrap these bad boys!

9. Spaghetti Empire State Building
For spaghetti from NYC, this makes perfect sense.

10. Honeycomb Honey Jars
These hexagonal honey jars can be arranged into a honeycomb-like structure. Different types of honey are offered and each one represents one cell of the honeycomb. If you like honey, this is bosslike! If you prefer syrup, you’re gonna have a bad time with these.

Now you see how a little thought put into product packaging can make a huge difference. We’re sure you’d be much more likely to grab these items off a shelf than something in dull packaging. This is a simple marketing strategy done like a boss!