This gentleman still knows how to knock his wife off her feet after 38 years of being married. And I do mean that literally, as you’re about to see in the video above. This is how you sweep a woman off her feet without touching anything except her heart (figuratively speaking). Watch and learn, gentlemen!
15 years ago, Lacey Butler‘s mom lost the most important piece of jewelry she owned, her wedding ring. She was heartbroken and the family proceeded to practically turn their home upside down to try and find the ring. But no such luck, the ring seemed to have been lost forever. They thought it may have been lost at a job site or stolen, but they never knew the ring’s true fate until recently.
The truth was that it had been somehow stashed away in a wooden box somewhere in the family’s attic. No one knows exactly how it ended up there, but Lacey’s dad recently found it and decided to make the moment of returning his wife’s long-lost wedding ring to her very special. While the couple was in the garage one day working, the husband proposed again to his wife of 38 years with a wedding ring she cherished for over 20 years of their marriage before it was lost for 15 years.
He got down on one knee and after his beloved wife realized what was happening, it literally knocked her off her feet. Luckily, she didn’t fully pass out from the shock (or have a heart attack for that matter), so she was able to get back on her feet to accept the proposal and her ring. We’re certain this married couple will remain together happily for many more years to come. Hopefully the wife won’t lose her wedding ring again though!