This is pretty cool. A married couple has been going on vacations to nice places, but they’re always too shy to ask strangers to take photos of them together, so they always look like forever alone travelers in their vacation pictures, when they’re really not!
The wife wrote the following to go with the images that she posted, “My husband and I are too awkward to ask strangers to take our picture. Our vacations always look very lonely.”

They probably had a jolly good time on these trips, but the photographs are depressing to say the least! You get the point, it’s not a fun situation. Luckily the Internet is filled with bosses that are excellent at Photoshop. Of course they delivered! Check out the fixed versions of some of their photographs.

The couple is extremely thankful and overjoyed by the terrific photos they now have of them together on trips. The wife wrote, “Now we actually look like we’re on our honeymoon *together*”