Usually we cover mainly uplifting stuff, but we shit bricks when we saw this guy Amoo Hadji from Iran. We just had to share his story, because it’s mindblowing!

Generations of moms have told us we need to take baths regularly and scrub behind our ears like good children. It makes sense to not smell like a pile of hot trash, but 80yo Amoo Hadji said, “F that! I do what I want,” over 60 years ago. He hasn’t bathed since. How the hell is he even still alive?!

You might think that’s disgusting and it is, but it’s still a sight to see this dirty dude. His skin is so dry and scaly that it resembles that of an alligator. He squints so hard from all the dirt in his face that you can’t even tell what color his eyes are. We’re guessing brown now, even if they were another color before.
In the village of Dezhgah, Iran, Amoo Hadji lives an extremely simple and primitive life. He blends in with his surroundings because he never takes a bath, so you might have trouble finding him with your eyes alone. Luckily, you probably have a sense of smell and then it will become much easier to find this murky man. To put it mildly, he stinks!

Did we mention his most prized treasure, or his ‘precious’ if you will (because he may as well be Sméagol the Gollum from Lord of the Rings), is a steel pipe. What does he use the pipe for? Of course it’s something disgusting! He smokes animal dung with it. That’s right, this guy hasn’t washed himself in 60 years AND he’s smoking turds from animals for recreation.

While it’s not clear why Amoo Hadji has chosen not to bathe himself for over 60 years, it’s not likely any sane person would understand his reasoning anyhow. In his own way, he’s a boss… just because he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.