The worlds longest bra chain was made to raise awareness about breast cancer, but the journey to get there was not easy.

The idea started 10 years ago. Jennifer Jolicoeur had gone through breast cancer and had made it her passion to raise awareness and support about it. One day, she and her group came up with the idea to make the worlds longest bra chain, and break a world record.

You can say they were determined, because it took over ten years to collect almost 200 000 bras, from people supporting the case. In October 2019, the (bra) hooking was about to start and on the first day only 6 people showed up. On the second day, only 15 000 bras were hooked, and all of it looked a bit dark.

Jennifer did not give up, and over the next days, she engaged more people and communities to join. A lot of different people came to support, hook bras and share their stories. On the 16th of October Adjudicator Christina Flounders-Conlon from the Guinness World Records came to witness, and she could confirm the new record. 196,564 bras.

Photo: Guinness World Records

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