The 6-year-old boy below is in a wheelchair because he suffers fromĀ cerebral palsy and epilepsy. That doesn’t stop him from celebrating Halloween like a boss with his family though! In fact, he probably has the coolest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen over the years. All thanks to his amazing stepdad, who spends up to 30 hours per costume to make his disabled stepson’s Halloween special every year.
The 6yo can’t communicate verbally, so they have to use hints like what he gets excited about throughout the year to come up with his Halloween costume. For example, they’ve figured out that he really enjoys having stories read to him and listening to music, just like any other 6-year-old really. He also absolutely loves riding four wheelers!
He looks pretty freakin’ happy in the pictures below, so I think they’re still able to nail itĀ each year. The tank costume is my favorite!
The Tank
The Fire Truck
The Pirate Ship
Good luck topping those! This kid has the coolest Halloween costumes you will ever lay eyes on!