Children at Ward Elementary School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina have spent the past five years riding stationary exercise bikes while they read and the results are amazing. Kids who simply sit and read in class tend to gain 41% reading proficiency, while the kids taking part in the Read and Ride program at Ward Elementary achieve 83% proficiency¬†in reading! That’s a huge difference.
We have known for years that sitting for extended periods of time isn’t good for people. It poses all sorts of health risks like an increased chance of being obese and poor posture. It also decreases productivity. The key to being more productive and healthy is movement throughout the day. The human body was built to move, which is why many offices have adopted standing desks and some even have treadmill desks. The Read and Ride program is a step in the right direction and more schools should have programs like it!
More great things are to come, because the Read and Ride program has already spread to 30+ schools in the United States. We can only hope something similar is established in every school! It will boost the health of children, while simultaneously improving their performance on an academic level. You simply can’t go wrong with it!