Even in the most devastated and unlikely places, life will find a way to thrive and show off it’s immaculate beauty. The photographs that follow of plants growing from unlikely places are a testament to this fact of life and are uplifting in the simplest (but most beautiful) of ways. Enjoy!
Rusty Bullets
Out of an empty shell casing grows a tiny daisy!

Rock On, Tree!
A tree seemingly grows out of a rock. Does it belong there? In a word: Yes!

Crack In The Road
Just a tiny crack in the road is all life needs to emerge victorious.

Beautiful Flower
This beautiful flower managed to grow out from the side of what looks like a barn. Stunning.

Piano Tree
Don’t leave your piano sitting outside for too long, because a tree might grow through it like this!

Something living rises up and grows out of an old car at what looks to be a junkyard.

Another Crack In The Road
As was the case above, all it took was a small crack for this plant to thrive.

From Water
That’s amazing.

Is that a tomato growing in there?!

Sidewalk Crack
Yup, life will find a way here too!

Mushroom, Mushroom
I’m not sure it’s edible though.

I’m On A Boat And…
I’m growing fast and…

A Pile Of Tires
Even out of a pile of old discarded rubber tires, life can emerge.

You Want To See More?!
We’ve got you covered!

Life is a very beautiful thing. We should cherish it as such!