This awesome gentleman’s name is Alex and he went into full boss mode this past weekend, when he decided to give people who had been drinking a ride home for FREE. He spent all night driving drunk people home free of charge!
Why he did this is bosslike to say the least. A year ago, a man Alex knows named Matthew Cordle killed another man named Vincent Canzani while drinking and driving. Alex is responsible for filming the confession video that put Matthew in prison. Matthew wanted to take full responsibility for what he had done, so he did.
Back to the designated driver story: Alex has been active against drunk driving ever since the deadly accident and regularly fundraises for organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). As part of this, he decided to spend one night driving people who had been drinking home for free. No strings attached. Just a free ride home for anyone who shouldn’t be driving anymore! Alex wrote, “I went to the busiest bar in my neighborhood, stood outside and offered free rides to anyone who had been drinking.”
During his night adventure, Alex met some cool people. In his own words, “The first group I picked up was a bachelorette party. I let them play their own music. No joke, they played ‘Call Me Maybe’ twice in a row and not on accident. They were very nice and kept trying to tip me. Of course no tips were accepted. Bobbi, the girl in the passenger seat is sneaky though and left behind $38. This will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Vince‚Äôs memory.”

Then he picked up a happy, drunken couple, who needed a ride home! Alex wrote, “The next couple I picked up just became homeowners. Getting a DUI can be financially devastating. Good decision guys!”

After that, Alex gave a free ride home to some other drunk dude, who needed a ride. Alex: “One guy I picked up claimed that he helped create the ‘We are the World’ remake music video that benefited Haiti in 2010. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed sincere. He said that he got the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber. How unfortunate. The ‘We are the world’ guy also wanted to tip, but instead made the promise to donate $20 to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Legit.”

He concluded his night with a trip to Taco Bell and the following statement: “I drove people around for about 4 hours. No one puked in my car so I consider that a win. I finished my journey at Taco Bell; there were like 10 cars in front of me. I thought to myself ‘most of these people have probably been drinking.’ Sometimes you wish you could do something, but at the end of the day the only person you control in this world is yourself.”

Alex continues to try to better humanity by selling promise cards on his web site Because I Said I Would. A written promise is more likely to be kept.

Keep living life like a boss and continue to do good in the world. We thank you!