John Davis had lifelong dreams of becoming a pilot, but was unfortunately not able to achieve it due to a lack of mathematical skills. Instead of letting his dreams die, Davis found a way to satisfy his passion.

It took over 15 years and $30,000 to build a scale size Boeing 747-400 simulation cockpit in his home, which now gives him access to the skies whenever he feels the urge to soar.

The simulator features passenger chairs and an auto-pilot system.


In front of all of the panels and buttons, there are two 6 foot monitors which create a realistic panoramic view!


From the outside, the house looks like any other.


On top of fulfilling his passion, John and his wife rent the simulator out which generates a monthly income of around $3,000!


People not used to flying and wanting to ease their fears, air craft fanatics and pilots have all tried out John’s epic flight simulator.


To date, the simulator has logged over 47,000 miles.


To build such a perfect replica, John studied pictures of 747 cockpits online.


The majority of his parts were ordered online.


A large percentage of the $30,000 went towards buying the electronic components and flight simulation equipment.


Every single day, John has at least one curious patron who comes to take the simulator for a ride.

The simulator John built is just as complex as a real cockpit; you can’t just jump into it and figure it out like a video game with 9 buttons. Every button and lever in the images is functional and has its own purpose. The unit John built requires training and even Allyson Mabey, Johns partner is reluctant to use it because she does not have the knowledge required to operate it.

John not only gets to feel like the captain of his own vessel, but he helps people overcome their fears of flying.  ”The aim is to help people who are nervous about flying by letting them get used to the feel and sounds of a real plane.”
John followed his passion like a boss and should be an inspiration for others to not give up on their dreams!