Joe is 23 years old and was diagnosed with a rare bone and joint disease called Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis (PVNS). The disease basically put a bunch of benign tumors in his ankle that kept coming back even after numerous radiation treatments. Along with PVNS, Joe was also suffering from degenerative arthritis in his ankle.
Gruesome note: When his left ankle was dissected after the amputation of his foot, it revealed that there was no cartilage remaining in his ankle. Joe had been walking bone-on-bone, which caused severe pain and bone spurs.
Now on to the good news: Joe is a boss! Instead of being eaten up inside by negativity and worries, Joe took the impending amputation of his left foot in stride like a boss. With the help of his sister and some other people, he made a cool picture series of how he could get his foot amputated without the help of doctors. Below are some examples of that and also some other hilarious things Joe did to send off his left foot!
Saw It Off
Instead of getting an operation at a hospital with doctors to amputate Joe’s foot, he thought maybe his sister could just saw it off!

But it would take forever with a hand saw, so maybe a buzz saw would be a better idea!

Shoot It Off?
Maybe shooting at the foot with a paintball gun could take care of the amputation…

The Tattoo
To make sure the doctors didn’t cut off the wrong limb or chop his left foot off at the wrong spot, he decided to get “Please Cut Here” tattooed on his left leg!

Firefly Music Festival
Joe hit up the Firefly Music Festival to see if any of the bands want to chew his foot off! Cherub and Royal Teeth are pictured with Joe below.

After getting his left foot amputated, Joe was still supporting the USA soccer team at the World Cup from his hospital bed.

In the picture below, you can see a bearded Joe with the surgeon that ended up cutting off his foot for real. Joe would wear the beard when nurses brought him medication, telling them, “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting here forever!”

The Internet Asks Joe Questions
After Joe’s sister posted the above pictures with descriptions online, questions came rolling in for Joe. He answered a few!
Q: “You seem to stay very positive and keep a fantastic sense of humor through this ordeal and I applaud you for that. This may be a little too personal, but how scared were you going into the procedure? Was imagining life without half of your leg a scary thought for you? I know that it would be for me.”
A: “Right before the surgery, I was definitely freaking out a bit. It was such a “no turning back” decision. But as soon as I woke up from the surgery and looked down, I knew I had done the right thing”
Q: “You seem like a really fun guy, you gonna mess with people and pretend like your foot fell off in crazy situations sort of like ‘Arrested Development’?”
A: “Furrrr. Suurreee. It is one of the biggest things I look forward to”
Q: “You’re clearly creative, have you been thinking about possible Halloween costumes? If so, what’s top of the list?”
A: “Me as a surfer, my girlfriend as a shark. Complete with the surfboard and the bite cut out of it”
Q: “What did they do with the foot?”
A: “They took it away, I was not allowed to keep it. I did ask the doc to dissect it and take pics of the inside. So I got to see how messed up it was”
Q: “So… Was that the firefly music fest you were at in those pics your sis posted? Looked like it, hope you had a blast in Delaware if it was!”
A: “Yeah! Firefly was awesome. There was an employee there who heard my story and gave me and my lady free VIP passes for Sunday, which was amazing”
Q: “Do you have an artificial limb already picked out?”
A: “I really want a running blade, those things look crazy fun”
Q: “Good to see you in such positive spirits, OP! Just curious, did your insurance company foot the bill?”
A: “Yes, they did. I am super lucky”
We wish you all the best, Joe. Keep being a boss!