Adam Armstrong grew up in a low-income neighborhood, moved, became wealthy and returned to give away 1.327 toys to the local children.

Adam Armstrong grew up in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in a neighborhood consisting of mainly government-subsidized apartment complexes. The population had a lower income and Armstrong was well aware of how it affected the children – especially around Christmastime. Therefor, with a $12,000 budget, he returned to give away 1.327 toys.

He was only 18 years old, when he was thrown in jail for marijuana possession. While he was in jail, the young man decided to make some serious changes in his life. After he served his time, he then moved and started working. He started small, but worked his way up, and ended up getting a job in the mortgage business.

In life, it is important to remember who you are and where you came from. Not least it is important the people who are where you where. Today, Adam Armstrong has an above average income, is married and has become a father. But despite his success, he always comes back to the old neighborhood in Harrisonburg, to share his blessings. And this year, bikes, Barbie dolls and Radio Control cars was one the menu.

Photo by Lauren Wilhelm

Dressed with a Santa Claus cap, he opened up the moving-truck and showered the kids with early Christmas presents. On why he did it, Armstrong told The Washington Post that he was happy to bring joy to little kids for the holiday season.