We have collected 13 memes for you to enjoy. Remember, marriage can be cool.. Especially if you have the ability to laugh about it sometimes.

And here we go. The “marriage” memes.

Enjoy, and dont forget to send them to your spouse..

1 I will definitely buy Vaseline

marriage sex

2 I should’ve been an Astronaut.

text from wife married

3 Modern Family never disappoints.. #Lifehack

modern family memes married

4 Welcome home to the war zone baby

stay at home mom memes

5 When you are tired of customers returning goods you must throw away

marriage life

6 I love you

husband married cleaning

7 Who is this husband?

jeans in dryer married memes

8 Hmm..

marriage life memes

9 Never make this mistake. Never ever.

wife marriage meme

10 Oh, the heat.

married sexting meme

11 Cool, I’m ready, just gonna pack real quick.

sarcasm meme


wife husband meme

12 Boom!

joke mariage meme leonardo

Which one was your favorite? Tell us below 😀

And stay tuned for another post with “relationship and marriage memes”. Coming soon.

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