We hope the manliness of the following gentlemen will inspire. While it may be discouraging that it’s very likely you will never be as bosslike as them, you would be one bad mofo just trying to be as awesome as these dudes!
Warning: Some bosslike acts shown in images as part of this list are a little graphic. If you’re as whiny as Justin Bieber, you might want to turn off your computer and go have a warm glass of milk to calm down before going night-night. Good night, sweet prince!
Leonid Rogozov
During the 6th Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1960-1961, Dr. Leonid Rogozov was the only doctor among a team of 13 researchers stationed at the Novolazarevskaya Station in Antarctica.

On April 29th, 1961, this bosslike doctor developed a brutal case of appendicitis. By 10pm the next day, the pain had gotten so bad that surgery was required. Because the closest other research station was about 1,000 miles away and there was a violent blizzard going down, Dr. Rogozov had to go into full boss mode.
He began operating on himself! It took him two hours to cut out his own appendix, because he had to take a few breaks along the way when he felt like puking from the intense pain. Seven days later, he removed his stitches and was good to go like a boss!
Tsutomu Yamaguchi
During World War II, this guy was living in Nagasaki, Japan and worked for Mitsubishi. On August 6th, 1945, Mr. Yamaguchi was on a business trip in Hiroshimo, when an atomic bomb was dropped onto the city. He was approximately 2 miles away from the Little Boy atomic bomb’s insane explosion, which ruptured his eardrums, blinded him briefly, and severely burned the left side of his body. He somehow survived this!

Because he was wounded from the bombing, he decided to head back home to Nagasaki the next day so he could relax a bit. As people like to do after surviving an atomic blast! Three days after being hit by an atomic bomb, this guy was back at work on August 9th, 1945! Unfortunately, this was also the day the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped onto Nagasaki! He also survived that one and was once again about 2 miles away from ground zero. While the 2nd atomic bomb didn’t injure him further, it messed up his bandages royally and gave him a weeklong fever.
After being hit by two atomic bombs, Tsutomu Yamaguchi lived for another 55 years, until he died of stomach cancer in 2010 at the age of 93! How is that even possible?! You have to be a true boss to understand.
Wayne Thomas “Buck” Shelford
We all know rugby is a very brutal sport, but in 1986 Wayne Shelford found out just how violent it can get! He played for the All Blacks and was facing France in one of the most brutal games ever, often infamously called the “Battle of Nantes”.

During the match, he was kicked in the groin (with cleats obviously) and the blow was so punishing that it ruptured his scrotum. One of his testicles was hanging out and he also lost four teeth at the same time! So Buck calmly walked to the bench and told one of the trainers to sew up his scrotum, before returning to the game!
He didn’t stop playing until he was hit in the head so hard that he was left with a concussion so awful, it meant he would never be able to recall the events of the day his scrotum was torn open in a game of rugby. Talk about a bosslike pain tolerance!
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the world’s greatest living explorer. (Read: This boss is legit!) After serving 8 years in the British Army, he was the first person to hit up both the North and South Poles. He also decided to be the first person to walk across Antarctica completely on foot… and then he climbed Mount Everest!

After his expedition to the North Pole one year, he had frostbite on his fingers, so he cut them off with a fretsaw instead of waiting for a doctor to amputate them! What?!
Four months after undergoing double heart bypass surgery in 2003, Sir Fiennes decided it was a great idea to take part in the Land Rover 7x7x7 Challenge for the British Heart Foundation. This meant running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!
We must agree that Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the most bosslike and manliest adventurer alive today! This guy is like a next level, real life Indiana Jones!
Hugh Glass
This boss was an American frontiersman and fur trapper during the early part of the 19th century.

On a fur trapping adventure going up the Missouri River in 1823, Hugh Glass was scouting ahead and met a not-so-friendly female grizzly bear ready to protect her two cubs.
Pissed off about Hugh being there, the bear decided to tackle him and start beating on him with her massive claws. Tearing into his flesh and tossing it to her cubs as she tore him to shreds. Being the boss he was, Hugh Glass started stabbing the bear repeatedly with his knife as she continued to rain blows down upon him, basically tearing him to pieces.

His buddies eventually arrived and helped him kill the bear, but Hugh was left mauled and knocked out! Two trappers volunteered to stay with Hugh until he died, so they could bury him properly. They later claimed they were attacked by Native Americans and had to ditch Hugh’s body, but the important thing is that they took all his equipment. Including his rifle and knife!
They told everyone Hugh Glass had died, but that wasn’t the case. When he finally woke up, he found himself surrounded by wilderness, while being badly wounded from a bear attack. His wounds included a broken leg and open fractures (bones sticking out) to his ribs!
He managed to set his leg, covered himself in bear hide and then started to crawl to civilization. Because he didn’t want gangrene to kill him, he let maggots eat his dead flesh along the way.
While he ate mostly berries and roots on his trek, he somehow beat the crap out of two wolves until they gave him a few pieces of bison meat they were feeding on.
Six weeks of crawling later, Hugh reached the Cheyenne River, built a raft and started floating down the river. He met some friendly Native Americans along the way, who gave him food, weapons and some medical care (they sewed a bear hide to his back to cover exposed wounds). More than his buddies ever did for him!
Eventually, he reached Fort Kiowa and started his healing process. When he was recovered, he decided to find the two men who had left him for dead. Instead of killing them out of rage, he made them give his rifle back like a boss and forced them to live with the shame of having left a fellow frontiersman to die in the wild like some scumbag cowards. He continued being a trapper after all of this went down!
Ernest Hemingway
It’s not without reason that American author Ernest Hemingway is considered to be the most bosslike and manliest author of all time. This guy was crazy!

Let’s just list some diseases, toxins and injuries he survived: Anthrax, malaria, pneumonia, dysentery, skin cancer, hepatitis, anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, a ruptured kidney, a ruptured liver, a crushed vertebrae, and a fractured skull. That list probably isn’t even close to complete, but it gives you a basic idea of how bosslike Ernest Hemingway was.
And did we mention he survived two plane crashes? During one of them, the plane was on fire and death was certain with a jammed door, so Hemingway decided to just headbutt the door open to get to safety.
Ernest Hemingway was so bosslike and manly that only he was able to kill himself, when he tragically committed suicide in 1961. At least he had a wild and crazy life beforehand.
Now you know about the manliest and most bosslike men who ever lived. We could’ve included some soldiers in this list, but we believe we covered them pretty well in our article about bosslike soldiers!