During the swimsuit competition of the Miss Idaho pageant, 20-year-old Sierra Sandison wore her insulin pump without a single f### given like a boss! And she looked amazing in her bikini as you can see. She won the pageant and is now your reigning Miss Idaho!

Miss Idaho suffers from Type 1 diabetes and could elect to inject herself with insulin multiple times daily instead of wearing the pump, but instead she rocked that thing. As a result, she’s managed to raise the self-esteem of many young girls also suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

One mom posted on Facebook, “You changed my 11-year-old daughter’s summer! She’s been so self-conscious, but since she read about you and saw this photo, she cannot wait to wear a bathing suit tomorrow and show off her insulin [pump] and have me post a photo here!” Hell yeah!

Ladies, if you have “the beetus” and an insulin pump makes your life easier, don’t be afraid to proudly show it off at the beach this summer! The same goes for the self-conscious gentlemen reading this as well of course.

Confidence is incredibly beautiful and being confident enough to wear an insulin pump during a beauty pageant is bosslike to say the least. We commend you, Miss Idaho! Keep being a boss and good luck at future pageants!