30yo Muslim man Aminur Chowdhury fell victim to a racial attack from a 27yo drunken homeless man named Ben Gallon in Bradford, England. In response to the attack, he got Ben a job and found him a place to stay like a boss.

Aminur, being the absolute boss he is, somehow sensed that Ben wasn’t truly a racist person and was just lashing out because of his less than ideal circumstances, while being under the influence of alcohol. He decided it was the right thing to do to help this down-and-out man and engaged him in a positive conversation instead of negatively reacting to the racial slurs being shouted.
Aminur offered to help Ben find a job after inviting him to have a drink at a nearby pub. He also helped him find a place to live! Why? Because that’s what bosses do!
You see, Ben is not really a racist. Ben was just a frustrated man who had a few too many drinks and Aminur is open-minded enough to grasp this concept. So maybe the next time someone offends you in some manner, don’t try to bash the other person’s skull in, but instead try to engage them in a positive conversation to figure out why they might be verbally attacking you for no reason. Maybe a friendship like Ben and Aminur’s could even spring from such a conversation!
Now that Ben is back on his feet, in large part due to Aminur’s good samaritan acts, the two men want to improve the cultural divide currently present in the town of Bradford. Back in 2001, some terrible race riots went down in Bradford between the large Asian minority and the city’s white majority. 300 police officers were injured during the riots and 297 arrests were made! Ben and Aminur have set a goal to improve the huge problem of racism in Bradford together like two true bosses!
Aminur on meeting Ben: “Ben’s been a pleasure to know really. From the first time I met him at The Delius I could tell that I was speaking to someone who is very passionate. I was scared for him at first because there were two police officers there and I felt that they could have taken him away because of the racist language, but I certainly didn’t want to see that happen. He has a very good grasp of ideologies and I was very impressed so I thought I’m going to engage with this person because he’s like a counter-copy of myself.”

What Aminur wants to teach the world about racism (in his words): “I was targeted for racist abuse but a great way of overcoming racism is to show some tolerance. I realise I can’t put the world to rights but I can try to educate people. This is a great way of teaching Asian people across Bradford of how to respond to racism. The more love you show, the more endeared they will be to you.”
We fully agree with Aminur and Ben is extremely thankful for how he was treated after shouting racial slurs at a man he had never met before. He regrets his actions deeply. Here is what Ben had to say: “There was no justification for me using those words. Kudos to him for forgiving me, I regret it. A positive thing has happened out of this situation. I’ve learned my lesson. What I said was completely out of character for me, I’m not a racist. Things are starting to look up for me. I’ve started the job and it’s fantastic.”
Here is to hoping that stories like this one will teach people how to react to racism, when they encounter it in their lives on a verbal level. While being racist certainly isn’t bosslike, defusing a heated person with positivity and reason sure is. Aminur Chowdhury is a boss and we think he also managed to turn Ben Gallon into one as well!