Tom Anderson – also known as MySpace Tom – founded the social media web site in 2003 and later sold it in 2005 for $580 million. He was the default friend on MySpace until 2010.
Tom left the company in 2009 and now travels the world taking amazing pictures to post on Instagram. Below are 15 of our favorite pictures from his Instagram.
Some of these pictures might make you feel the urge to travel the world yourself. We wouldn’t blame you, if you did after seeing these sweet shots!
1. Singapore Skyline Sunset

2. Smith Rock in Oregon

3. Convict Lake

4. Morro Bay in California

5. Shanghai, China

6. Burma

7. Yi Peng Festival in Thailand

8. Near Bali (A Secret Spot)

9. Thailand

10. Zhangjiajie, China

11. Lake in New Zealand

12. Burning Man

13. Oahu, Hawaii

14. Sydney, Australia

15. Ocean 🙂

Make sure you share these amazing images with your friends and family. MySpace Tom has taken world travel to a whole nother level with these magnificent photos.