When you have a wedding with boring-ass groomsmen, your photos won’t end up incredible like the ones you’re about to see.
Someone knows how to use Photoshop and made the husband look like a badass superhero with lightning powers.

These guys decided to drop trou for the ladies. The hubby got a special white pair of boxers.

Why would you do this?

This one seems a little threatening…

T-Rex is about to end this wedding ceremony. Run!

These guys are Cavs and LeBron James fans for sure.


While the hubby spends quality time with his new wife, the groomsmen are urinating in public.

This one is pretty weird.

That ring though!

Superhero groomsmen to the rescue!

But wait… there are more.

As you can see, the options are limitless. Just don’t be boring! Wedding season is in full swing and we expect you to be a boss at all times, especially if you’re one of the groomsmen.