This old guy named Ed has been a hospice patient for years due to illness and is slowly nearing his death, but he used to always be outdoors when he was a bosslike Forest Ranger as a younger man.
His final wish was to leave the hospice for a day and be outside surrounded by the beauty of the nature he loved so much throughout his life. With it being difficult to transport him, the local fire department was asked if they could make it happen like the bosses they are.
Of course these heroes obliged and showed up with their fire truck and EMT vehicle to take Ed on a trip into the Meadowdale Beach Park in Edmonds. Ed had a bosslike time, getting to see nature and also experience its pleasant scents and beautiful sounds one last time. He was simply delighted!
Once again, firefighters went into full boss mode. We’re beginning to notice a pattern with these brave heroes who put out fires, save cats and take old men on field trips!
Thank you for being bosses, firefighters around the world. Keep being awesome!